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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in Ambari 2.6.1:



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Components Feeder: allow wildcard path patterns for directoriesAmbari view 2.0.0 uses wrong Knox URL when Ambari is accessed via Knox Ambari View should handle external Zookeeper properlyAmbari to remove override from config groupAmbari part: Server returns 500 error for create config group requestAmbari - Dismissing Enable Kerberos wizard initiates Disable kerberos callAmbari upgrade failure for oozie service from missing LZOAmbari default hbase root.dir configAmbari Spark2 log4j.properties fileAmbari, Spark service check failure after patch upgradeAmbari Service desired repo versions are not being setAmbari history server is stopped (with umask 027 and custom spark log/pid dir)Ambari, Spark upgrade with superset fails as versionAdvertised is set to trueAmbari entity populating for wrong repository for RUAmbari pre-upgrade checks do not work when upgrading from IOP to HDP 2.6.3Ambari Distributing Packages Once There Is No Option To Remove iop-select.Ambari Service check failed during cluster deployAmbari, Falcon SAM StackFeatures to HDP StackFeaturesAmbari, Stream Analytics connection hangs for longer time when connection to HS2 with metastore DB downHive connection hangs for longer time when connection to HS2 with metastore DB downHive Issue with HDP deployments.Ambari ClusterVersionSummary to install_packages and conf-select exclusionAmbari the Correct HIVE_BIN In Hive ScriptsAmbari Auto-Installation of Mysql ConnectorAmbari HADOOP_HOME From Environment For DaemonsAmbari host delete doesn't work (unsupported feature exposed in 2.5.x and 2.6.0)Ambari install failed on an unsecure upgraded cluster, due to missing configsAmbari, Data Lifecycle Manager auto config of interpreter.json at the time of installationAmbari, Zeppelin Auto-Installation of LZO LibrariesAmbari HDP 2.3 stackAmbari Ambari REST API returning wrong repositoriesAmbari Upgrades Broken For Clients Due To Versioned LD LibraryAmbari a Pre-Upgrade Check Warning About LZOAmbari all required services failed when running cluster with several patch upgrades appliedAmbari checks fail with FIPS mode is activated on the OSAmbari plugins for yum on yum list commandAmbari check operation is being performed on all hosts during host add should not get stuckAmbari Native Libraries To Tez TarballAmbari, Tez the user appropriately for default MySQL server install for HiveAmbari Jobs on Hive Fail With Missing TarballAmbari setup should surface GPL software agreementAmbari upgrade to 2.6.1 should surface the GPL agreementAmbari Install LZO packages through AmbariAmbari start failedAmbari defined HDP-GPL repo should be tagged appropriatelyAmbari hive.auto.convert.sortmerge.join in Hive configs in AmbariAmbari, Hive Tasks Use the Wrong Repository and Hooks FoldersAmbari, MapReduce2, Hive, and Oozie Should Conditionally Install LZOAmbari to enable hdfs, hive plugin in rangerAmbari Upgrade failedAmbari start failed after Ambari upgrade due to missing app_config.jsonAmbari Rebuild MapReduce and Tez Tarballs with LZO if EnabledAmbari Restarting HiveServer2 on RU failedAmbari AMBARI-22467 to BigInsightAmbari Metrics Collector Forces ZooKeeper Server Install on Target HostAmbari bad WebHDFS request is issued when starting Hive MetastoreAmbari to install the clusterAmbari - Select Version page should show HDP-GPL repo if necessaryAmbari View - Manage Versions page should show HDP-GPL repo if necessaryAmbari usage is not updatedAmbari not able to start LLAP since ambari-sudo.sh was encountering issuesAmbari AMBARI-22387 to Check for LZO + No Opt-inAmbari advisor error while adding Druid serviceAmbari Manager View - FS node will overwrite internal commands and replace them with blank "move" commands when reopening the nodeAmbari, Workflow Designer service check fails after upgrade form HDF to HDF 3.1Ambari, NiFi yumrpm.py functions to use global defined commandsAmbari during Ambari schema upgrade while updating Hive configsAmbari while viewing topology details - Storm ViewAmbari, Storm View server fails to start during downgrade due to absence of 'conf' directoryAmbari config changes on hdp + hdf cluster throws Consistency check failed errorAmbari start failed during patch upgrade due to CNF SparkATSPluginAmbari Feeder: handle multiple '=' (split char) in key/value filterAmbari install fails with HDP-2.5.3/ version at atlas falcon plugin installAmbari Deprecated Non-Versioned LZO Packages from LZO InstallAmbari is down after PU due to missing jmxetric-1.0.4.jar fileAmbari, Storm Ambari cluster with blueprint not workingAmbari stop failed during IOP migration with missing module get_lzo_packagesAmbari the version of Ember and jQuery for Hive View (check other views)Ambari, Hive View from Ambari 2.5.2 to 2.6.0 failsAmbari MapReduce to HIve and Tez For Patch UpgradesAmbari Upgrade pre-check is missing from BigInsights Upgrade packsAmbari should pass repo_name for repository validationAmbari license text as received from legalAmbari load from STS health checkAmbari, Spark HBase task failed during IOP migration with TypeErrorAmbari Ambari Infra to use Solr 5.5.5 for Ambari 2.6.1Ambari to address HDP-GPL repo update after user accepts license in post-install scenarioAmbari Cannot Be Installed When Yum Transactions FailAmbari validation fails for HDP-GPLAmbari Fails To Restart During Upgrade Because of Missing ExtJS LibraryAmbari Fields missing when register version is clickedAmbari deploy job fails because repo file is unable to be parsedAmbari to perform ambari actions on IOP 4.2.5 post ambari upgrade on PPCAmbari Python Unit Tests in branch-2.6Ambari llap queries fail after adding any service to the clusterAmbari, Hive 1.0 stack deployment failure in ambari-2.6.1Ambari Server installation failed due to incorrect symbolic linkAmbari, Data Lifecycle Manager service check failed during PU due to CNF StormAtlasHookAmbari MapReduce2 Client failed hadooplzo package not present in iop repos in IOP-425Ambari Migration: Hive Client restart fails: hadooplzo package not present in iop reposAmbari for some services during PU package installation indicate circular dependencyAmbari server start fails during EU with 'Address already in use' errorAmbari, Livy, Spark Builds Are Failing With Python Test ErrorsAmbari service check failed after PU with LzoCodec CNFAmbari Feeder: filter objects for wildcard input paths need to be clonedAmbari service check hung while installing Tez after migration from BigInsights to HDPAmbari actions for R4ML not loaded post ambari upgrade on IBM PPCAmbari spark2 and livy2 interpreter settings are getting updated after zeppelin restartAmbari, Zeppelin Shuffle Service Can't Be Found On Client-Only Nodes After New Cluster InstallAmbari, Sqoop, YARN MetaStore does not start even after passing the mysql-connector to ambari-serverAmbari is present during UI deploys and is emptyAmbari does not have zeppelin server keytabAmbari, Zeppelin Unable To Start Due to Address Already In UseAmbari, Livy service check failed during 4th digit PUAmbari to proceed with cluster install after component install failsAmbari service check fails with StormAtlasHook CNF after cluster deployAmbari Does Not Start On HDP 2.6.0 to 2.6.3Ambari stack shows up in UI with Ambari- zeppelin interpreter properties are getting removed after moving zeppelin to a different host is not getting updated after moving livy to a new host RU: Service action failed with NullPointer on Downgrade after RU Cannot Find LZO Classes After Being PatchedAmbari, HBase Managers fail to start after Spark2 is patched due to CNF YarnShuffleServiceAmbari the default storm log search configurationStorm, Stream Analytics

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Selected issues resolved in Ambari 2.6