Chapter 1. Knox Gateway Overview

The Apache Knox Gateway is a REST API gateway for interacting with Apache Hadoop clusters. The gateway provides a single access point for all REST interactions with Hadoop clusters.

In this capacity, the Apache Knox Gateway is able to provide valuable functionality to aid in the control, integration, monitoring and automation of critical administrative and analytical needs of the enterprise.

  • Authentication (LDAP and Active Directory Authentication Provider)

  • Federation/SSO (HTTP Header Based Identity Federation)

  • Authorization (Service Level Authorization) Auditing

While there are a number of benefits for unsecured Hadoop clusters, the Apache Knox Gateway also complements the Kerberos secured cluster quite nicely. Coupled with proper network isolation of a Kerberos secured Hadoop cluster, the Apache Knox Gateway provides the enterprise with a solution that:

  • Integrates well with enterprise identity management solutions

  • Protects the details of the Hadoop cluster deployment (hosts and ports are hidden from endusers)

  • Simplifies the number of services with which a clients need to interact

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