3. Install from the MSI

Use the instructions given below to install from the MSI:

  1. Launch the MSI installer with the clusterproperties.txt file created previously.


    This MSI must be executed on each and every cluster node and must use the same clusterproperties.txt file.

  2. On each node, run a command prompt in Administrator mode (to use Administrator privileges), and execute the following command:

     msiexec /i "<$MSI_PATH>" /lv "<$PATH_to_Installer_Log_File>" HDP_LAYOUT="<$PATH_to_clusterproperties.txt_File>" HDP_DIR="<$PATH_to_HDP_Install_Dir>" DESTROY_DATA="<Yes_OR_No>"

    Ensure that you provide appropriate values for the following mandatory command line option:

    • HDP_LAYOUT: Mandatory parameter. Provide location of the clusterproperties.txt file (For example, d:\config\clusterproperties.txt).


      The path to the clusterproperties.txt file must be absolute. Relative paths will not work.

    Optionally, you can also use the following command line options:

    • HDP_DIR: Install directory for HDP (For example, d:\hdp). Default value is <$Default_Drive>/hdp.

    • DESTROY_DATA: Specifies whether to preserve or delete existing data in target data directories (allowed values are yes and no). If set to yes, existing HDP data will be deleted from the disk.


      The installation fails, if existing data directories are non-empty.

      If the clusterproprties.txt file has configured non-empty data directories, you must set DESTROY_DATA = yes.

    The following example illustrates the command to launch the MSI installer:

     msiexec /i "hdp-win-1.1.msi" /lv "hdp.log" HDP_LAYOUT="D:\config\clusterproperties.txt" HDP_DIR="D:\hdp\hadoop" DESTROY_DATA="no"
  3. (Optional): Configure compression for HDFS.

    1. Download the zlib1.dll from here.

    2. Copy the downloaded file to either $HADOOP_HOME\lib\native or to C:\Windows\System32.