4.5. Configure JobTracker for automatic fail over

Complete the following instructions to configure automatic fail over:

 Install and configure vSphere Monitoring Agent

The JobTracker’s monitoring agent monitors the JobTracker daemon and notifies the vSphere if the JobTracker daemon fails or becomes unstable. As soon as the vSphere receives the notification, it triggers HA solution to restart JobTracker VM on either the same or a different ESXi host.

Follow the steps listed below to install and configure the monitoring agent:

  1. On the JobTracker VM, download the Hortonworks Data Platform High Availability Kit for VMware from here and complete the following instructions:

    • Extract the archive file into a directory and navigate into the directory.

    • Install the JobTracker monitoring functionality:

      yum install hmonitor
      yum install hmonitor-vsphere-monitoring-*
      yum install hmonitor-vsphere-jobtracker-daemon 

  2. Configure the monitoring agent to point to the JobTracker configurations.

    • Edit the /usr/lib/hadoop/monitor/vm-jobtracker.xml file and provide the FQDN for your JobTracker VM here:

       <description> Port to probe via a telnet operation.</description>
    • Provide the JobTracker port number.

       <description> Port to probe via a telnet operation.</description>

 Configure the JobTracker to start automatically on OS boot

The monitoring agent requires that the JobTracker process should start automatically once the virtual machine is bootstrapped.

To configure this, use the following command:

yum install hadoop-jobtracker

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