2. Meet Minimum System Requirements

To run the Hortonworks Data Platform, your system must meet minimum requirements.

 2.1. Hardware Recommendations

Although there is no single hardware requirement for installing Hadoop, there are some basic guidelines. You can see sample setups here: Hardware Recommendations for Apache Hadoop.

 2.2. Operating Systems Requirements

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v5.x or 6.x (64-bit)

  • CentOS v5.x or 6.x (64-bit)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11, SP1 (64-bit)


The installer pulls many packages from the base OS repos. If you do not have a complete set of base OS repos available to all your machines at the time of installation you may run into issues.

For example, if you are using RHEL 6 your hosts must be able to access the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 Optional (RPMs)" repo. If this repo is disabled, the installation is unable to access the rubygems package, which is necessary for Ambari to operate.

If you encounter problems with base OS repos being unavailable, please contact your system administrator to arrange for these additional repos to be proxied or mirrored. For more information see Optional: Configure the Local Repositories

 2.3. Browser Requirements

The Ambari Install Wizard runs as a browser-based Web app. You must have a machine capable of running a graphical browser to use this tool. The supported browsers are:

  • Windows (Vista, 7)

    • Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher

    • Firefox latest stable release

    • Safari latest stable release

    • Google Chrome latest stable release

  • Mac OS X (10.6 or later)

    • Firefox latest stable release

    • Safari latest stable release

    • Google Chrome latest stable release

  • Linux (RHEL, CentOS, SLES)

    • Firefox latest stable release

    • Google Chrome latest stable release

 2.4. Software Requirements

On each of your hosts:

  • yum

  • rpm

  • scp

  • curl

  • wget

  • pdsh


The Python version shipped with SUSE 11, 2.6.0-8.12.2, has a critical bug that may cause the Ambari Agent to fail with 24 hours. If you are installing on SUSE 11, please update all your hosts to Python version 2.6.8-0.15.1.

 2.5. Database Requirements

Hive or HCatalog requires a MySQL database for its use. You can choose to use a current instance or let the Ambari install wizard create one for you.

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